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Cluster tools

Cluster tools are typically very flexible and easy expandable multi chamber systems containing a central linear or radial distribution system. Bestec provides linear or radial distribution chamber systems or even complete cluster tools with either manual transfer or fully automatic transfer.

Typical design parameters

  • UHV pressure in distribution chamber system.
  • Different kind of satellite chamber systems possible, e.g.
    • Load lock chamber system
    • Deposition chamber system
    • Sample preparation chamber system
    • Oxidation chamber system
    • Analytic chamber system
    • MBE chamber system
  • Full software control possible (incl. sample transfer).
  • Typically incl. Bakeout equipment.


  • Integration of extension ports at the distribution chamber.
  • Integration of sample separation for handling of different sample shaps in differnt satelite chambers of one cluster tool.

Selected Projects