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Bakeout equipment

Beside the pumping system, the bakeout equipment is an essential component in all UHV systems. Depending on the bakeout concept, it consists of a bake out controller and several fan heaters or heating wires. Bestec provides all these bake out equipments as part of a Bestec system (deposition or optics) or as separate components.

Typical design parameters

  • Bakeout controllers with temperature regulation for two to eight heating channels available.
  • Maximal temperature of 200°C.
  • Maximal heating ramp of max. 2K/min.
  • Full software control possible via integrated serial communication port.


  • Integration of pressure interlock possible.
  • Integration of additional 24V output signal for powering small externally controlled devices possible.
  • Integration of over temperature protection possible (at fan heating units).

Selected Projects